Friday, September 21, 2012

Sun Sets on Summer

This summer was beautiful.  It was full of surprise birthday visits, trips to the beach, first surfboards, first solid food, cutting teeth, juice pops, training wheels, working a booth (and sneaking in a getaway!) at the Pasadena Homeschool Convention, a 10 year old's beach party, a ride in a boat, and soooo many more fun times.  Even though I am excited to welcome my favorite season (yay for fall!), I am savoring these last few moments of summer.  So without further alphabetical clutter, I'll leave you with my summer in pictures.

Cousins are Awesome!

Thrift Store Princesses
Sisters are Awesome!
Undercover Kisses

Just missing one....
Moms are the BEST!
Fixing up her first board
Surf and Destroy!
Mmmm, Juice Pop!
"Now I can ride like you guys!"

Crew from MFW Booth at Pasadena Convention
It was only this quiet before the doors opened!
Sea Turtle for the Beautiful Birthday Girl
Birthday Boat Rides

Zip Line at Marina Park
A Night Under the Meteor Shower

Surf Hut
Goodbye, Beautiful Summer!
Hope your summer was full of wonderful memories!


  1. Your family is beautiful! Saying goodbye to summer is always bittersweet - but fall is so wonderful it makes it easier. :)

    1. Thanks, Madee! Definitely bittersweet...but I am so excited about fall! And I'm thankful that God made each season so different and wonderful!

  2. I LOVE seeing all your fun summer pics...
    from your daughters surf board to photos of you
    and your family...that sea turtle was adorable too!
    Have a wonderful evening BT!! xo

  3. Thanks, Rene'! So glad to hear from you! The sea turtle was fun to do, and not really difficult. I was amazed to see all the different things that people have turned watermelons into! Have a great weekend, and happy first day of fall (tomorrow)! :)

  4. Yay, another post! If we can't be close, this is the next best thing. :)I Missed seeing all your faces! Looks like a great summer but I know you're just as ready for fall as I am! Oxox to you all.

  5. Awww! I know, finally- right?! The lazy days of summer sucked me in... :) But three cheers for fall! I just wish the temperature gauge knew it was fall as well- blah! :P I want to get baking! (pies, coffee cake, bread....pumpkin and apple anything- mmm!) love you!

  6. Ohhhh....Look at all those kids!!! Awesome!!! I've never seen the whole gang! So fun! LOVe the bee farm. I'd love to have a bee box here. Fun seeing the clan, Bee.

    1. So funny, Kimi- we must have been commenting on each others' blogs at the same time! Thanks for taking a look- love to see you around here! :)