Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Beach Baptism

Earlier this month our sweet 7 year old decided she wanted to be baptized.  She has really been growing in her faith, and we are so excited at the things we see God doing in her life. She had a very special day (along with several others from our church) at the beach, making a public statement of her inner commitment to follow Jesus.  It was definitely a beautiful day!

After everyone was done, it was time to celebrate with swimming, picnics, and exploring...and a nap or two...

Isn't it cool- this guy not only has a star on his back, but an entire galaxy! After lots of curious small hands had a gentle feel, this little star made it's way back to his rocky home. Definitely God's handiwork, and a beautiful gift for us all.


  1. This is so fun! And I love those photographs of starfish...they're amazing pieces of God's artwork! :)

  2. Hi Meg! I love that too- all of nature shows how brilliant God is! So glad you stopped by. :)

  3. What a beautiful day for your family! And that starfish is tooooo cool!

  4. Wow, congratulations to her. And what an unforgettable site for a baptism! I've never lived near a beach, but I think I could get used to it ;)

  5. Thanks, Laura! We are definitely loving being so close to the beach...and, you're right- I'm sure you would adjust quickly to it! But I'm so thankful that bloom where you are planted- I love seeing your beautiful pictures and reading the interesting histories! And who knows, you just might get your chance... ;)