Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hello November!

...and a fond farewell to October! This is the time of year that always seems to fly by waaaay too fast for my liking.  SO, one last look at the last days of October. 

 Last weekend we had a Fall party, complete with pumpkin carving, chili, cornbread, and a huuuuge slab apple pie.

Micaeah and Luke
Mia and Judah

Yes, that would be elvish writing...under that beautiful moon behind him
Judah, Isabel, and the Great Pumpkin

 We had a great time with cousins and brothers and sisters of all ages  :) And not one person was hurt, not even when big, scary knives were brought out momentarily...yipes!

Last night we were surrounded by white faces.  Our oldest two are involved in a mime (yes, you did read that correctly!) group called the Agape Mime Team.  They act out songs in order to present the message of the gospel- the love, hope, forgiveness and freedom that Jesus brings.  They had a presentation last night at a church carnival, and so we all got dressed and headed out for some fun...


Hip Hop Hippie

Masqued Princess

Which way is Seattle?

My cute little Lady Bug

Mama and baby bugs
I figured wearing a vintage Vera (who used a lady bug on many of her signatures) polka dotted scarf and a lady bug on my face would qualify as lady bug attire, and little bug loved her costume! It was chilly last night, so it kept her, well, as snug as a bug. (sorry!)

I packed my little bug around in my arms for most of the night, so I didn't get that many shots. Also, so bummed- right as I was taking a picture with my grungey love, my phone died! :( But there were fun games to be played, candy to be won, and a bounce house that our little princess remembered from last year (and spent a good part of the night in). The mime team presented 4 songs, and this was a special night, as it was Sophia's first presentation, and Gabe had a lead in one of the songs and did well with all the signing. After it was over, a group of the mimes went around the neighborhood to trick-or-treat...can you imagine opening your door and seeing 15 mimes? Horrific! We headed home, and Mr. Bee took the kids around our neighborhood very quickly, as mostly it was shut down. We missed seeing neighbors, but we were happy to be part of the outreach, and we had a great time.  We are looking forward to all the fun that November promises to bring! Hope you had a fun and safe Halloween!  I'll leave you with this...

Vintage Darth Vedder



  1. Oh, man! Rob's outfit cracked me up! It fits him a little too well! Hahaha! I don't know why I never noticed how much Isabel looks like you when you were little. :)
    Looks like lots of fun. Love you guys.

    1. I know- that hair just suits him! Whether he's pirate, rocker or rasta! ;) Isabel does look a lot likee at that age- fun stuff!
      Wish you guys were here for the fun and mayhem...
      Love you!

  2. I love seeing all the fun things you do as a family!!
    All the costumes are adorable... I bet your little bug got
    lots of attention and cheers...she is too cute!!I've always enjoyed
    watching mimes. What a wonderful ministry and skill your kids are learning at a young age.
    Does that Vedder mask make sounds, too? Scary!

  3. Thanks, Rene'! It was a fun night for us, and the mime team was great. The "Vintage Darth Vedder" was a play on words- the vintage scarf, Darth Vader mask, and Eddie Vedder (Pear Jam) hair that the mister was wearing. ;) it looks scary like that, but it was pretty funny. Gabe threw the mask and a cape on when he got home to go around the block(in non-mime form), and it really does talk and breathe! Love to hear from you! xo