Monday, November 19, 2012

So Thankful: Free Finds

A while back I was taking the slow way home, through a section of houses that I really love.  We walk there in the mornings, and it's just so pretty and peaceful.  I passed a house with a box on the curb, and it was marked:

I took a peek inside, and there, just waiting for me, was a brand new chandelier! I happily took it home to see what I got.

I imagine someone must've ordered from a catalog and thought it was a lot bigger than it actually was, because otherwise, I don't know why someone would get rid of it.

Sure, it was a little plain, but with a little hot glue, ribbon, time, and a few finger blisters later...

Covering some wire to hang it by...

Adding some beads to make it pretty...
Covering the exposed wiring with ribbon...
At home in our room!

 It isn't functional, but it totally goes with the colors and vibe in our room, so I'm really thankful for this fun find, and a great little craft project.  What projects have you had fun with lately?


  1. Hi, Beetree...if that is your real name, lol! Thank you for visiting my blog...I get so excited when I see comments from somebody makes my day! BTW I am your newest follower. =D

    1. Hi Shirley! Thanks so much for stopping by- and following! I loved seeing your vintage circus Christmas. :) Have a great week!